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What is KalPay?

KalPay is a Shariah Compliant Buy now Pay later service. It allows customers to use credit and payback in installments or delay their payments. All this with minumum hassle and paper work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KalPay?
KalPay is a Shariah Compliant Buy now Pay later service. It allows you to split your payments with 2 payment options. One allows you to pay the whole amount within 14 days of your purchase. The other allows you to pay the amount in 4 equal, fortnightly (2-weeks) installments.
Am I eligible to use KalPay?
All Pakistani nationals with a computerized CNIC, a smart phone, verifiable phone number and Email ids are eligible to use KalPay.
Is my Payment information Safe?
At KalPay, security is our number one priority. We abide by all regulations to ensure safety of all your data.
Is this a Shariah compliant form of finance?
KalPay follows all the Shariah finance and banking laws very strictly. We are a Shariah Compliant company.
Are there any fees for using KalPay?
KalPay is totally free for all our consumers, we do charge a late payment fee but that too after giving you constant reminders and a cushion period.
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