What is KalPay?
KalPay is a Shariah Compliant Buy now Pay later service. It allows your customers to split their payments with 2 payment options. One allows them to pay the whole amount within 14 days of your purchase. The other allows them to pay the amount in 4 equal, fortnightly (2-weeks) installments. We bear all the risk of repayments; you just have to add KalPay as a payment option on your store and our QR codes at your retail outlets.
How does KalPay work?
At the time of purchase customers select KalPay as your payment method, we check your credit limit instantly and see if installment option should be given to them. If the amount of transaction is within their credit limit, they check out. Your account is updated with the details of their order and your dues. They pay back the same amount to KalPay according to their payment plan without any additional costs. We give you the whole amount within 2-3 working days. You install our plugin for your website or place our QR codes at your retail outlets.
Is there an application process for KalPay?
Sign up as a merchant on our website. Our customer care representatives will reach out to you within 1 working day, sign an MoU with you and then you can simply download our plugin for your website or place our QR codes at your outlet and your customers can start using KalPay while making purchases from you.
Is this a Shariah compliant form of finance?
KalPay follows all the Shariah finance and banking laws very strictly. We are a Shariah Compliant company.
Why should I partner with KalPay?
There are many benefits of joining KalPay, we will write down some of them for you right here! We take on all the risk of repayments. We increase your customer base. We increase the average shopping cart size at your store, as KalPay makes products more affordable for your customers. We decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate. Isn’t this lucrative enough?
Am I eligible to partner with KalPay as a business?
All legal businesses working within the jurisdiction of Islamic Republic of Pakistan can sign up with KalPay. You have to ensure that the products your sell are in compliance with our policies.
If a customer chooses to Pay later, when will we receive payment from KalPay?
We will process your payments within 2-3 working days after the order has been placed.
We want to transfer our agreement to another company. How do we do it?
As per our agreement you cannot transfer your account or agreement to another party. The said party has to reach out to us in order to partner with us through a new agreement.
We have changed our organization number. How do we update it?
All such changes can be made through the business portal.
What goods cannot be sold under a KalPay agreement?
You can find the exhaustive list here. Briefly, any goods or products that are illegal in the state and jurisdiction of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, any goods which may cause harm to the consumer, any products which may content explicit content, cannot be sold by our partner.
Where can I find the agreement/MoU?
Sign up as a merchant on our website. Our customer care representatives will reach out to you within 1 working day and share the agreement/MoU with you.
How do I view my business Account?
You can view all the details of your business account on our portal.
Are there any monthly or sign up charges?
No, signing up for KalPay is absolutely free and there are no monthly charges as well.
What happens when the customer makes a return?
The customer has to get in touch with us when they file for a return, but you also have to update any return order as a return on your portal. We will verify the case and then remove the payments from the customers end. If the dues for such an order have already been transferred to you, the amount will be adjusted in later payments.
When will the customer be refunded after we registered a return?
The amount will be added to their KalPay account which can be used for later purchases.
A customer has paid us but should have paid KalPay. How do we resolve it?
You need to inform us about this, so we can remove that payment from the customer’s account and adjust this amount with you with your next transaction(s).
My customer did not get access to KalPay’s installment plan, why is that?
KalPay makes real-time decisions using its algorithms to extend the facility of installments to the users. The transaction might not fall within your customer’s credit score.
How do my customers receive information about their installment plans?
Ask them to check the payments section in their KalPay application or log in to their KalPay account on our website to find this out.
The customer is wondering how much is left to pay. What should we answer?
Ask them to check the payments section in their KalPay application or log in to their KalPay account on our website to find this out.
We are waiting for a return - what should we do?
Inform us by updating the status of such an order to a return. Once you receive the return, we will adjust the amount in your account and the customer’s.
What is the Merchant Portal?
Merchant portal is an order handling system at KalPay. It gives you information of all your orders that are processed through KalPay and give you all the details of your dues and your account information. All complaints can also be filed through our portal. You can also access interactive dashboards through the portal.
How do we log in to the Merchant Portal?
Login by using your business’s username and password.
How do we update our contact details on the Portal?
You can update this information in the “My Account” tab. Any changes made here will be verified by our representative.
How do we remove an order in Merchant Portal?
In the “Orders” tab, you can change the status of any order.
How do we capture (or acknowledge) an order in the Merchant Portal?
You do not need to do that. The orders can be handled by your own website portal, our portal gives you an access and details of orders that use KalPay as a payment option. However, you need to update the status of your orders through our portal.
What if I forget my account password?
In case you forget your password, you can reset it easily by clicking on the forgot password button while signing up and following the steps. For more details and queries, call our helpline for further help.
How do we get KalPay as a payment option on our website?
When you sign up as a merchant with KalPay, you will be able to download our plugin which works across all major web platforms. This plugin will add KalPay as a payment option on your website.
I have a physical store; how can my customers use KalPay?
For physical stores, you will be given QR codes by us. When customers will scan the code, your staff member will add the amount of the bill on the customer’s application and the usual credit check procedure will follow. Upon a successful notification your portal will be updated along with the customer’s portal and application.