What is KalPay?
KalPay is a Shariah Compliant Buy now Pay later service. It allows you to split your payments with 2 payment options. One allows you to pay the whole amount within 14 days of your purchase. The other allows you to pay the amount in 4 equal instalments spread out evenly, with 14 days between each payment.
How does KalPay work?
When you decide to make a purchase through KalPay, we check your credit limit instantly and see if installment option should be given to you. If the amount of transaction is within your credit limit, you check out without paying anything to the merchant. Your account is updated with the details of your payments. You pay back the same amount to KalPay according to your payment plan.
Is there an application process for KalPay?
No, there is no application process for KalPay. You can sign up for KalPay by providing us your basic information, such as your name, DoB, CNIC, your mobile number, your address, and a selfie of you.
Is this a Shariah compliant form of finance?
KalPay follows all the Shariah finance and banking laws very strictly. We are a Shariah Compliant company.
Are there any fees for using KalPay?
KalPay is totally free for all our consumers, we do charge a late payment fee but that too after giving you constant reminders and a cushion period.
How do I track my remaining payments?
You can view all the details of your remaining payments on your application or by logging into our web portal.
How do I receive a report of my installments?
You can generate the report through your application or by logging into our web portal.
What if I want to extend my payment deadline?
For the 14-day lump sum payment plan, you can extend the payment deadline by 7 days by paying 5% of the total transaction amount as a fee. For the 4-equal installment plan, you can extend only one installment deadline by 7 days by paying 5% of the total transaction amount as a fee.
What if I am unable to pay on time?
The KalPay team will send out reminders via email, texts and calls. After the deadline has passed, we will give our consumers a grace period as well. However, if you still do not pay back the amount, a fee of 10% of the total transaction amount will be charged.
How do I pay back my installments?
You can pay through your debit or credit cards. We support Mastercard, Visa, PayPak and UnionPay as well. Other than this, you can pay your installments via bank transfer or transferring the amount through mobile wallets. In mobile wallets, you can transfer money through Bank Alfalah, Demo Bank, EasyPaisa, Jazz Wallet, JSBank, and UPaisa.
Can I pay more than the required amount?
Yes, you can pay more than the required installment amount. This amount stays in your account and is adjusted in your later installments. This can also improve your chances of getting a higher credit limit for your later purchases.
Can I link my bank or mobile wallet account?
No, you cannot directly link your credit and debit cards to your KalPay account for now.
Is my Payment information Safe?
At KalPay, security is our number one priority. We abide by all regulations to ensure safety of all your data.
What is the process of filing for a return?
You have to initiate the process of a return with the merchant/retailer first along with notifying KalPay. KalPay will cross check this claim with the company and once verified, we will remove the amount due from your account.
Where do I send the goods I would like to return?
KalPay is a financial service provider only, all your returns are managed by the merchant and the purchase should be returned to them.
I asked for a refund, when will I be able to refund?
If you have not paid any installment till the time of return, there will be no need for a refund. However, in case you return the goods after paying an installment to KalPay, the amount will be kept in your account and adjusted in your next transaction.
I have cancelled my order; how long will it take until I receive a refund?
The amount will be adjusted and added in your account as soon as the case has been verified by our team with the merchant.
How does KalPay handle refunds?
We add the amount to your KalPay account which can then be used for later purchases and installments.
How does KalPay handle Returns?
All returns should be directed to the merchant. KalPay verifies the return cases with the customer and the merchant before removing the amount from the consumer’s account.
Till when can I make a return?
When you wish to return a product 15 days or more after the purchase date or after the return date mentioned by the retailer, whichever comes first, we will no longer have any involvement in the product return process (i.e. the Retailer will provide any agreed refund directly to you).
Am I eligible to use KalPay?
All Pakistani nationals with a computerized CNIC, a smart phone, verifiable phone number and Email ids are eligible to use KalPay.
How do I sign up for my KalPay account?
When you visit our website, you will be required to sign-up directly through our system, you will be prompted to add the following details, Name, date of birth, CNICnumber, mobile number, address, and Email ID. After successfully filling these details, you will be prompted to write your intended username and password. You will be sent a one-time password (OTP) through SMS and email, after which their sign-up process would be complete.
How do I log into my KalPay Account?
You can sign-in by entering your email and password.
What if I forget my account password?
In case you forget your password, you can reset it easily by clicking on the forgot password button while signing up and following the steps. For more details and queries, call our helpline for further help.
Am I eligible for Instalments?
KalPay makes real-time decisions using its algorithms to extend the facility of installments to the users. You can improve your chances of getting this facility by increasing your credit score. Paying back on time improves the chances too!
I was not allowed to purchase products through KalPay, why was that?
KalPay makes real-time decisions using its algorithms to extend the facility of installments to the users. That product or purchase does not fall within your credit limit.
Does using KalPay affect my credit score?
No, using KalPay does not affect your credit score. We have our own credit rating model and score which is linked to your usage of KalPay.
Can I pay off my installments early?
Yes, you can pay your dues any time before the deadline.
What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?
You will just have to choose your payment option which could be through your debit/credit card, bank transfers or through mobile wallets and then you are good to go!